Friday, 22 February 2008

It's over Three Weeks, and Three still is THREE

It's over three weeks since I last really whined about Three.

They STILL haven't dealt properly with my phone bill and I have been at them since January. How long does it take to look at my bank record, look at their record, and ring up my bank to confirm where the discepancy lies?

I ring them up, and they tell me they will have a result by that afternoon, please ring back. So I ring back, they tell me in two days, so I ring back, they tell me in two days, I ring back, they tell me in two days, and so on. Not those exact margins, but somthing similar, It's an ongoing saga and I keep ringing back to hear that they are 'still investigating' and to call back in x number of days, when I find out they are in the same position as last time.

So one day I got a message telling me to call back in three-four days. I was getting sick of this, and so I rang back in one day to complain about how they kept fobbing me off and to ask if there was anything I could do or someone I could speak to to hurry up the progress (or actually get the motion moving, as it didn't seem to be!)

The man told me: "Call back in three-four days"

I explained that was exactly what I'd been complaining about and I was asking if there was an alternative to that, and he asked me to call back in three-four days.

He kept repeating that over and over like some sort of robot.

Then he repeated information to me that was incorrect, such as telling me what I had been informed, which I hadn't been informed about. When I explained I hadn't told him that, he started yelling and arguing with me.

What has customer service come to - a battlefield?

It seems many peopole in customer service haven't figured out yet that they are the service and you are the customer; they're supposed to be listening to you and providing a solution and/or explanation, not simply trotting out standard phrases and trying to establish a moral high ground over the customer. If you don't have the authority to deal with the customer's problem, maybe you shouldn't be dealing with it at all. And if they don't intend to listen and even pretend to solve your problem, then why are they in customer service? If I wanted the standard phrases I'd read the website.


toey said...

Sounds horrible. I guess one option would be to write to them listing all the correspondence you have made with them and the (futile) results.

Then clearly state that you intend to never come back after your contract expires and that you will strongly recommend against your friends signing up with them.

Keep a copy of that letter and if you don't receive a reply, write a letter attaching that to Department of Fair Trading.

Maria said...

I have thought about sitting in front of my local Three shop and whining to every passerby who looks like they may be a potential customer, but yours sounds like a much more rational response. Thanks for the suggestion.