Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Review: Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

I saw Sweeney Todd on the weekend, and I seemed to have a more positive reaction to it than TimT - see his review which may simply confirm I'm a pessimist and a masochist. Which doesn't tell me a whole lot that I didn't already know.

This adaptation of a musical was beautifully dark and very Tim Burton, and lots of fake blood which looks very tomato sauce like. If you're thinking about grabbing a pie with tomato sauce after this film, maybe you should rethink meal options. We tried sushi instead afterwards.

Even if it's really fake I still spent a good part of the film with my hand on my neck - Aaaargh!

The film has not many surprises in terms of plot, but makes up for them with style, music and great characters. After all, it's a ghoulish fairytale so the ending is fairly predictable.

I found a good dark humour in a lot of this - the cameo of Sascha Baron Cohen (Borat) comical, and the fantasy sequence of Mrs Lovett hilarious, especially. The only character I really found annoying was Anthony - the bumbling male love interest - why is it that there always has to be some foolish lovesick male who spends his time mooning around and can't get his act together and the girl still falls for him? It was the same reason I wanted to kick Freddy in Pygmalion, and Anthony in Sweeney Todd.

And yes, I was surprised that Johnny Depp could actually sing. Not a strong enough voice to hold out a stage play, but really not bad for a movie. Combined with his acting skills, a great Sweeney Todd.

Mr Coffee came out of this one calling it "Harry Potter meets Borat". If that pulls you in - then maybe you want to check out Sweeney Todd.

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