Saturday, 15 August 2009

6 tiny cups of full cream milk in every 3rd of a cup ...

Mum has this problem at work - there aren't many employees, and that makes it difficult to have milk at work without it all going to waste. Specially as Mum only likes a small amount of milk in her tea, once a day, and the creamier the milk the less the amount. If it's the skim or Shape milk she can take a tiny more but if it's cream just the slightest, and it's the cream that you can generally buy a bit more flexibly in terms of amounts.

Anyhow, Mum hit on this idea to buy a crateful of 200 individual serves of milk. You know, those tiny little serves of milk which are sealed at the top and are in plastic containers. You have to buy minimum 200 at a time. Mum agreed to share them with the one other employee at the work - the boss just wasn't interested. by Mum's calculation, if they each had one tea/coffee per day, that would mean they'd all be gone by the expiry date, except 40 serves, which could account for the few days they might have two cups. Or they could risk wasting 40 tiny little serves.

Mum has three weeks to go and she has brought home a HUGE number of little containers. Apparently the other colleague hasn't been keeping his end of the deal too well, the little containers were too fiddly so he just went off and bought himself a coffee with milk all the time and stopped using the containers. Mum's carted home a big supply of milk and ordered us to try to use it up before the use by date. if we have a coffee or a tea, please use a container. Please.

But there's so much there it's a tough ask and dad got in trouble the other night for sticking milk from the bottle into his tea instead of that from the container.

Mum made some little cakes today and topped it up with milk from containers.

I had a third glass of milk today at lunch just for the heck of it and stuck in 6 tiny little sachets. What the heck.

Maybe we'll get through it. It just takes determination.


TimT said...

I sometimes like to fry supermarket mushrooms in butter and then turn the heat off and mix in sour cream until it made a nice sauce. Then on one occasion I was out off sour cream and discovered you could do basically the same thing with a little bit of milk - not much, just the equivalent of a sachet/two/three, stirred in with the mushrooms just before you turn off thee heat, or even right after.

It works a treat. Throw in a teensy bit of soy sauce and it's even better.

Since the sour cream trick was pretty versatile, and could be used on a lot of fried meals, I think milk could pretty much be used in the same way.

Maria said...

Fry mushrooms in butter, mix in a bit of milk before you turn off the heat? With a bit of soy sauce?

That's a great tip and thanks. Sometimes I buy a whole thing of sour cream and then it goes ... errrh ... off (I was going to say sour) and the rest can't be used because I don't use sour cream for a whole lot. I end up trying to make stroganoff and dips a lot to get rid of it.

The last bit of sour cream I threw out had gone all hard and plasticky at the bottom of the container. ewwwww.

If I'm ever thinking it woudl be nice in a sauce but I only need a little then I'll think of milk. Maybe sachet milk!

You are an udder of knowledge TimT. Thank you.

TimT said...

Yeah, it's a real bugger when sour cream goes sour, it's like when cheese goes more fungusy than it's supposed to. What is the world coming to when everything is exactly the way it's supposed to be, only more so?

Dan the VespaMan said...

I was going to suggest using the milk portions on cereal at breakfast. But I would imagine it would take an awful long time to open enough for a bowl.

Some sort of milk portion dispenser device needs to be invented.

TimT said...

Have a miniature milo party and invite everyone you know.

Maria said...

I was reading an article today (apparently old news but that's what you get for reading a Sunday paper) about how there's less in a chocolate bar now but they are about the same price. Choccie companies say they are doing it for your health, but naturally it does mean they aren't giving you as much chocolate for your dollar.

I was thinking about how these could have tiny mini serves on the front. "One mini serve of full cream milk in our overpriced, less value dairy milk block ..."