Wednesday, 12 August 2009


I applied for a job yesterday, online.

I pressed the button the website and it led me to a form where I filled in a couple of basic details and then it said to submit my resume.

That's it. No personality test, no references, no academic transcript, no background check and no need for a drivelly cover letter where I go on predictably about my excellent communication skills, my love for working in a team, my ability to prioritise and multitask and handle high pressure environments and my ability to work BOTH independently and in a group and my great computer and office skills.

Now I should have been glad not to have to go through all that predictable crap per usual but for some reason without it I felt lost! I sat there for a few moments and thought "HEEEEEEEEEELP!"

Then I had to remind myself, "Hey, this is a good thing!" and remember to attach my resume and submit!


Maria said...

I just did a personality test online at careerone.

How come it tells me what I already know about my character just the unattractive bits?

Apparently I'm the type who will become stressed unless I am in my own little hole doing what I like.
I have to feel stable and secure and concentrate on my own stuff.


Maria said...

I got an email from one employer saying I didn't get the job. That wouldn't happen to be because they were one of those idiots that ranted on about how they were so great that I knew bugger-all about what I was applying for? I still don't know what great job I missed out on, whether it was managing the computers or training the manager's pet seal.

Or sandwich trolley lady.

Then I got an email (automated) from another employer saying that they were still in the process of reviewing applications, they would let applicants know the outcome within two weeks.

Over two weeks ago they told us they would let us know if we were successful, within two weeks (since I hadn't heard from them I'd assumed I was unsuccessful).

Ahhh ... ahhh ...

they need more staff.

TimT said...

Ah yes. Reliving my job application days... times of automated emails, disorganised employers, etc. (I was just as disorganised myself, so we made a nice match.)

Maria said...

You are lucky to be over it, pray be forever!

Whenever I leave a job, even if I didn't particularly like the job it's always with the "oh no, more job apps!" thought.

What seems to be so utterly dumb is how you are meant to sell yourself in those cover letters because when I write them they seem to be mostly the same, they repeat the same things, well many of the ideas similarly.

Tell us that you are enthusiastic.
Tell me that you are a team player.
Tell me you have good communication skills
Tell me you can work to deadlines
Tell me you are reliable
Tell me you understand OH&S.

Whaddya think you are going to write, "No, actually I'm a stuff-up, I don't really want this job, that's why I'm applying, I hate working with people and I get along lousily with everyone, I can't read or write for crap, I miss deadlines and come in late, I'm also unreliable (don't ask me to do anything if you want it done well) and I don't understand OH&S. I set fire to stuff and knock people's heads against sharp corners.

Oh and by the way I would like a pay rise within 3 months after you hire me. Thanks brother."

Uh huh.

Everyone probably mouths predictable tripe in slightly different words. It must be painful to read it all.

TimT said...

I ended up making a pro-forma application letter template and making minor changes to it according to each job requirement!

Maria said...

Once I wrote to a company. I used the same cover letter from another job form, all I did was go through it and change the date, the job position, the name of the person I wrote to and made some minor changes to the skills I boasted.

Unfortunately even though I addressed it to "B" company I accidentally left in the form I would like to apply for X position in "A" company in my rush to get out the application!


That was in my early days of making job apps in bulk ... luckily it was a mass send and I wasn't that keen on that company. I am VERY careful now to check all fields!

I bet you they weren't all that impressed by my 'attention to detail' then!