Wednesday, 12 August 2009


My throat feels funny. My voice is strange. It sometimes sounds like Maria but then sometimes it goes growly and deep. I can't quite control it. It's all 'throaty'.

Either I'm getting a bit of a cold or I'm turning into a man.


TimT said...

That sounds exciting! Maybe if I try really hard, one day I can turn into a man too?

Granted, I think I already am, but maybe it could happen... all over again.

Maria said...

You could try turning into something else, like a giraffe, and then back into a man. Then you would be turning into a man.

It woudl be a great party trick.

Besides if you picked a giraffe it would make the throat thing very pertinent.

TimT said...

I hear those giraffes have beautiful, swan-like necks.

Maria said...

"The ugly little girl who grew into a beautiful great giraffe"

Has quite a ring to it.