Sunday, 9 August 2009

Flexible on the Job

Now I'm all for multiskilled lawyers. And being a paralegal comes with more than just legal research and court work and legal admin, sure.

I've been there and done that sort of thing. Made plenty of coffees, ordered food, written ads for wineries, even babysat for grandchildren. Flexibility on the job. All for it.

But now, out of work as I am, I searched MyCareer for a law job and limited my search to Legal - Law Clerks/Paralegals NSW, and here's one job ad that came up:

JUNIOR Lawnmowing. Must be fit, reliable & willing to work. 0417 249 309


That's a new one. I didn't take up Lawnmowing Law as my elective, but it's a possibility.


Anonymous said...

We can't be job snobs in this economy, even if we're offered just a glass of orange juice.

Anonymous Bosch said...

Dear Maria,

The gentleman I hired to cut my lawn has removed the clippings - I suspect he is using them to fuel his own compost heap!

Should I call the police and have him charged with theft?

Yours in confusion,

Maria said...

What are you looking for, Bosch, compostation?

At my (previous) work there was a guy who used to steal people's used teabags and save them to take home and put in his garden. He had some idea that wet soggy used teabags helped his garden grow better.

I think carrying home a bagful of wet teabags was punishment enough.

Maria said...

I try not to be snobby about this job, Drax, it's just that I can't help but think that the grass is greener on the ... oh dear.

Maria said...

I just saw another job ad where the job description was blank.



It was posted under Storeperson/Warehousing, it was under the filter Sydney - West, and the Salary was $21.50 p.h.

If you have to turn up for a Storeperson job in the West, and do nothing for $21.50 an hour, well then I'm sure there will be plenty of applicants for that one ...

Anonymous Bosch said...

"What are you looking for, Bosch, compostation?"

Very droll! No, I was hoping that maybe he would turn over a new leaf.