Friday, 9 February 2007

The Big Banana Question

Recently I got myself a triple scoop ice cream from Gelatissimo, which means it was indulgent, frowned upon by dieticians, and tasted all the better for it.

I got the banana, veronese chocolate and pistacchio combo. Now the pistacchio's advertised as light green and the banana as "white/cream with pulp streaks", so why was it that the banan looked more light greeny to me than the pistacchio?

And no, I wasn't wearing coloured contacts.

It's a bit of a conundrum: Why was I eating light greeny banana ice cream? And why is it when you order a banana milkshake, they tend to give you a light yellow mixture (do they throw in a bit of the skin for good measure, and if so, where are the black spots?)

And why does apple juice come out light yellow, when apples are white inside and red outside (or green)?

Here are the big fruity questions.

At least oranges are orange inside and out - oh, don't get me started on the pith. Ohhh ... orange juice ... You can rely on it.

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