Thursday, 8 February 2007

The Interview: Am I On The Truman Show?

lEver felt like you were being watched by Candid Camera? On the way to an interview today, I swear I felt like I was on the set of my own TV show, you know, one of thoser really bad American sitcoms.

After the interviews of the past couple of days, why is it that you decide to, for once, learn conscientiously from your mistakes. You will do what you were told. You will read up about the company before you go in. You will time your trip perfectly. You will revise your resume so nothing you say is contradictory. You'll even say "Peter Piper Picked A Peck Of Pickled Peppers" on the train as a tongue-warming-up exercise, so that every answer will be rattled off so smoothly and evenly, it will be sound like the mellifluous flow of water over pebbles.

You've got it all down pat, and when you're just a few meters from the interview building, a lovely big bus comes down the street, veers in close to the kerb, and hits a puddle, and sprays you with a wave of water.

Bedraggled was the look of the day. Not the efficient, professional and composed image I'd hoped to convey. I was just fortunate when I went in one of the interviewers ahd managed to spill coffee over her white shirt, so she couldn't hold one over me, for fear I'd say - "YEAH - and what about YOU???!!!" (which I would have said in the most professional, composed and efficient, responsible voices I could have mustered, if the opportunity had arisen).

Does anyone know how many muddy puddle spray videos there are on YouTube? One, I'm probably in one now, and two, my bets are, there's a huge market for them. It seems to be a universal "That's so damn funny" experience.

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