Thursday, 8 February 2007

The Monthly: Is that a promise?

I just received my issue of The Monthly in the mail. I got home so late last night and I've been so lazy this morning it's still in its plastic sheath, which makes me feel ickily like a Japanese businessman-collector.

Still, it's very nice to look at.

The Monthly. That's a pretty big promise. The Australian Women's Weekly has gone monthly, Woman's Day has gone weekly ... or is it monthly now? New Idea hardly has any, let alone claim to new, The Big Issue is mainly filled with pop culture.

I'm waiting for the publication that tells it like it is, the "I'm not sure how this'll go, I'm really nervous, and I don't have a clue and please don't hit me Magazine"


alexis said...

On the monthly, I've just had TWO periods in the space of fifteen days, and even Robert Manne at his most superbly oratorical (open your magazine and you'll see what I'm talking about) ain't going to appease my sense that a profound wrong has been inflicted on my person. Whatever happened to the good old fashioned 28 day menstrual cycle? I hear you, I hear you; this is not a subject for genteel company; but REALLY. If I can't complain here, then I'm taking it to the High Court.
The Wandering Menstrual.

Maria said...

On the subject of the period, why is it here, much like the superb oratorical I read on a blog named Lexicon Harlot (hmmm, a little sycophancy ought to help here), why is it we've gone the American way and not pronounced them "fullstops"?

Furthermore, dearest, I hear you. There's the old school of scientific thought that says that your period synchronises to come along when the people you live with have it (something to do with pheromones), which leaves me to deduce you've been living with a large house of many females with erratic period-havers, and sympathising far too much.

It's my motivation for moving far away and choosing to associate only with males and post-menopausal types.

I'm sure it's a relief for many to be reminded that they're not with child (if they hadn't intended on being with child), but I'm sure their didn't need to be a method which meant the buying of so many sanitary napkins/tampons, often difficult laundry, cramps, and had to be a rather obvious red colour. A little note in the mail would have done me fine.

alexis said...

Right. I didn't have time to get with child in between these two flyings of the red flag. And I can't blame the sisterhood. They're all off having their regular-as-apple-pie 28 day cycles. I blame moving house. Stress.

But it's time to move on, she says. And the crowd cheers. A standing ovulation.

Bon soir, ma belle.

Maria said...

Remind me to delay the packing up of the boxes as much as I can. I'm staying put, if only to keep regular.

Hmmm, a monthly apple-pie? What a comforting thought.