Sunday, 18 February 2007

Have A Porker of A Chinese New Year!

Out with the Dog, and in with the Pig! Happy Chinese New Year to everyone, and may you all have a very piggy New Year.

By the way, that's all meant to mean good stuff.

We, in the West, unfortunately have some negative assumptions about Chinese symbols. For instance, a recent very scientific poll (I asked some friends plus a few people on my bus) led me to believe that the Snake, Rat and Pig weren't considered as fun and cute and therefore as desirable as say, a Dog. And Dragons weren't cute but fire-breathing properties were highly sought after - I think it's these Northern Europeans in cold climates and their household fireplaces.

On the other hand, people recoil from pigs.

I think George Orwell has a lot to answer for.

Let us focus on some great aspects about pigs.

For one thing, pigs are often depicted as pink. They are not always pink, but they often are. Some are white or brown or white with black spots. In fact, these are actually quite pleasant designs. If I saw pig designer fabrics, they'd probably look pretty neat.

Pigs are often plump, but I haven't heard of a pig with an image problem. We have a lot to learn from pigs. In an age of young girls craving to look like anorexic models, the plump but content pig stereotype is something to marvel at.

Hmmm, piggy banks.

Pig's tails. If you have ever had the pleasure of seeing an excitable pig dance and jump about, its tail curls and wags rather becomingly.

Pigs find truffles.

Bacon actually tastes good.

Ponder the benefits of a pig-filled world, and then cheer in the piggy New Year!

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