Friday, 23 February 2007

It Was A Hard Two Days' Work ...

I have been employed, and unemployed, within the space of three days. I worked for two of them. In the door, out the door.

But it's great to say that for two of the days, I was not an unemployed bum.

I was a fully-fledged, useful, productive, member of the Australian workforce.

I think I typed half a memo.

Thank you. *bow* Now I'm back to lazing at home and blogging.

Now that's what I call truly Australian.


Friendless said...

Wow, I never get time to blog except at work.

Maria said...

I guess I'm lucky I'm not like that since if I were, there's be about a tenth of a post on this blog.

However, I commend you. As many an SATC blogger has confirmed, bludging work by blogging is another really Aussie attribute. Good ... errh ... work.

TimT said...

As some great Australian writer whose name I am too slack to remember once said, "Unemployed at last!"

Good on yer, Aussie, and all that. (Said in best bogan accent, if that isn't a contadiction in terms.)