Saturday, 3 February 2007

The Interview: Does short mean sweet?

Recently I went for a job interview. I've been to the ones where they've tried to be chummy, and the rather formal ones, and the long-winded ones, and the psychological test ones.

What to make of this one? Short and sweet? Or a quick stab into oblivion? I got a phone call and was asked if I could be interviewed in a couple of hours. Eagerness? You bet. They love me! I took a long trip to the CBD and walked the long walk to the office, mainly because I lost my way a couple of times, and someone should do something about numbering offices in the CBD.

The interviewer greeted me at the door but didn't know my name. When I introduced myself, his response was, "Errh, didn't you cancel?"


It wasn't too bad. Soon I realised he couldn't rememebr the name of his trusty partner or his secretary either, so I didn't feel too bad. I wondered if I should ask him what his name was, but I didn't dare. I decided to wing it.

Is it a bad interview when there are pretty much no questions, or does it mean he simply forgot them all? I was asked if I had my resume on me, because he had lost the one I sent to him. And what job was it I applied for again?

Still, I remain hopeful. If he remembers to call me back.


TimT said...

That DEFINITELY sounds like one of those where you should call them back, rather than the other way around.

righteous said...

If they are paying well, call them back. They sound so dumb that if you get a job there they will be flat out working out what they do, let alone what you do. Therefore, you could do what you like and get paid for it, Even better, work out what you can do for them, probably something simple that you could do in your tea break, do it for them and they will be disproportionately grateful.

Working there would be a doddle.