Friday, 16 February 2007

Schapelle, You Stink ...

Someone sent me this, and perhaps we should run an Innovation Of The Year Award, or Product/Design Of the Year Award on the blog. I think I'm still sticking with the Voodoo Knife set, but votes welcome. Still, nice effort - any guarantees the aroma gets you high? "I sniffed it, but I didn't inhale?"


righteous said...

WHat is the smell of envy - is that what is exuded by Jodi Power, friend of the Corbys turned traitor? Probably the perfume should be called 'betrayal'.

Slogan: 'revenge is sweet' additional name: 'Eau de kerobokan schadenfreude'.

Maria said...

Schapelle - the name is a marketer's dream already (besides which the name Jodi Power is already mundane)

Betrayal - Jodi Power's fragrance
And who would compete for "Delusion" - Jodi Power's Mum or Mercedes?