Friday, 9 February 2007

The Valentine Bubble Butt

It's not even Valentine's Day yet, and I am seeing people walking about with heart-shaped balloons. Now, is it just me, or does the heart-shaped balloon remind anyone else, rather disturbingly, of the derriere?

Compare contrast at your leisure.

And if it's just me ... then why me ...?

Taut, round, symmetrical, waiting to leap out of the photos at you ...?

Then there's the upside down balloon butt cheeks:

Though that may be stretching it.

I'm definitely not alone on seeing butt-cheeks where I see heart-shapes, though maybe I should take the tip from others and just celebrate it.

OK, errh, yum. I've said it. Now could you please go away - you're giving me nightmares.


alexis said...

I'm not a great fan of the word "butt", but that'd be some kind of anti-American-linguistic-imperialism at work, I guess. Curiously enough, today being V-Day, today's word from is "butte", from the French for "mound", defined as "An isolated hill rising abruptly from the surrounding area, having steep sides and a flat top."

Wordsmith offers this rather delightful citation (even more delightful if you're given to confusing buttes with posteriors):
"The barren buttes surrounding this small ranching town offered scant places for coyotes to hide as hunters converged."
Matthew Brown; Coyote Hunts Draw Criticism; Associated Press; Jan 21, 2007

Maria said...

But for the butt, as for the ass, I'm not a fan of fanny either when it comes to skipping about the pants-words. Bottom is not exactly the pitts - but (oops)how about "fleshy bits of the back lower regions"?

alexis said...

Or just plain old Shakespearean "bum"?

Maria said...

There's something poetic about that.

It's also a little more concise.

I'll file it away for next time, the last nefarious sms bill somewhat penalised the euphemistic.